Camp Green Lane Blog Post October 18th

, October 18, 2019

Happy autumn, Camp Green Lane family! We hope that school is off to a great start and that those who celebrate had a sweet New Year with family and friends! As we watch the summer of 2019 fade into the distance, we turn our eyes toward 2020 and all of the fun that lies in store! But before we get to 2020, we have an important pit stop to make at the end of this month…. Halloween!!

Many of you may have your Halloween costumes picked out already and don’t require help from the likes of us. Maybe you’re re-purposing the costume you wore to the Halloween dance (but probably not). But if you need some assistance in the costume department and want to do something campy, we’ve put together some ideas for you. Non-camp folks might not know who or what you are dressed as, but take a pic for your camp fam, because you know we’ll appreciate it!

  1. S’mores/Campfire
  2. A basketball. Or throw a hoop over your head and be BB1!
  3. Grab your tie-dye from Arts & Crafts and be a hippie
  4. Canteen treats – a Hershey bar, M&Ms, can you dress as a slushie?
  5. Your friendly CGL lifeguard
  6. Grab a friend and dress as your favorite camp dinner, like chicken and waffles perhaps
  7. Color War break – dress like fireworks
  8. Aw Shucks Corn – you’ve seen those corn on the cob costumes, right?
  9. Your favorite Carnival treat: cotton candy, soft pretzel, water ice

Whatever you dress as, enjoy yourself, be safe, and save some yummy snacks for us!!