Philosophy & Traditions

At Camp Green Lane, our philosophy is a simple one: to treasure each camper’s uniqueness while cultivating a sense of belonging to something bigger than themselves. The constant theme is “family.” We work in partnership with our campers’ parents by reinforcing the values their children learn at home. When we gather as a camp family in the GLOBE each Friday night to reflect on the week that has passed, “chips” are awarded to campers in each division for values such as honesty, integrity, leadership, sportsmanship, character, and friendship. Campers will tell you how meaningful these chips are and how inspiring it is to receive one and have their bunkmates jump up and cheer for them when their names are announced. While individual achievement is recognized and we do instill in our campers a love of healthy competition, we value the experience more than the outcome. No matter what the scoreboard reads, each game ends with high fives and hugs.



Camp Green Lane started in 1926 and has always been family owned. The key to successfully upholding 90 years of rich tradition is to strike that balance of embracing the past without being stuck in it. Camp Green Lane’s programs and facilities are constantly updated and modernized, but some things about the CGL experience will never change. Third- and fourth-generation CGL-ers are currently attending camp and singing many of the same songs and cheers that their parents and grandparents did decades before them. To meet fellow Camp Green Lane alum is to have an instant connection. It is a guarantee that there will be animated conversation about plaques in the dining hall, miles of names written on the walls of Arts & Crafts, Firefly, Steeplechase, the Juice Squad song, and “laking” your first ball from Softball 1; these are just a few of the countless shared memories that are woven into the very fabric of calling Camp Green Lane your summer home.

readingThe Green Lane Family

When you attend Camp Green Lane, you become a part of the Camp Green Lane family. What does family mean at Camp Green Lane?

Living Together

We eat all our meals together in a family-style atmosphere. We gather for spiritual Friday night services where we share stories, songs and laughter. Our adult supervisors tuck the youngest campers in every night and all of our supervisory staff love each camper as their own.

Cross-Generational Friendships

Through our summer-long Pal Day program, our older campers befriend and mentor the younger campers with a series of weekly team-building games and activities. These days create strong bonds that carry on throughout the summer and into winter months.


Our Leagues Program is a way in which we foster cross-cabin, cross-age friendships through athletics. At the beginning of the summer, each camper is placed on a league team with other campers in their division. Campers participate in league games with their teams in basketball, softball, soccer and hockey. Counselors are an important part of this program too. Leagues not only strengthen the bonds between campers and counselors outside of cabin relationships; they also create a community within a community where campers can shine at their respective sports and be a part of an ongoing team.