How long has Camp Green Lane been in operation?

The camp was originally founded in 1926 as Camp Ridgedale, and was renamed Camp Green Lane in 1952.

How many campers are in camp?

There are 300 campers—evenly split between boys and girls.

What is the counselor-to-camper ratio?

More than three to one. There are at least three staff members in each cabin. The number of campers in a cabin varies from six for our youngest campers to 12 or 13 in our teenage cabins. There is an adult supervisor for every four to five cabins.

How will my child get to camp?

Our campers are transported to camp in air-conditioned coach buses (with bathrooms) that depart from carefully chosen stops in the greater Philadelphia, New Jersey and New York areas. Florida campers will be met by our adult staff at the Ft. Lauderdale Airport, flown into Philadelphia, and taken to camp by bus from there. All buses are chaperoned by upper staff members to ensure a smooth departure experience.

When will I hear from my child?

All parents of new campers will receive a phone call from their child’s supervisor on the first night of camp after the kids have gone to sleep. There are 2 phone calls in Week 3 and Week 4.  During the third and fourth week of camp, your child will call home at the same designated time each week.  Campers will not need a phone card and can call to any phone number you request.

Do you have medical staff in camp?

Yes, we have 3 Registered Nurses and a Camp Doctor in camp/on-call 24/7. The nearest hospital—Grand View Hospital—is 6½ miles away.

Are you an accredited camp?

Yes, we are an Accredited camp through the American Camp Association.

How is laundry handled at camp?

Our laundry is sent out once a week to a professional service. We ask that you send a ten-day supply of clothing to camp with your child. The clothes will go through a lot of wear and tear in seven weeks.  Do not send anything that must come home in perfect shape.

Where do the campers come from?

About 40% of our campers come South Jersey and suburban Philadelphia; 35% from northern New Jersey, New York, and Long Island; 10% are from South Florida and the remaining 15% from all over the country.

Are there any fees other than tuition?

Extra fees apply if you choose to have private equestrian, tennis, or golf lessons, or choose to enroll in any of our Camps-Within-a-Camp. There is no additional Canteen or Trip fee. Staff gratuities are not permitted.

Are you a “uniform” camp?

No, but campers do need to have “officials” for out-of-camp trips and inter-camp games. Click here for more on camp clothes.

What is your cell phone/ electronics policy?

There are no cell phones in Camp Green Lane. It is important that all campers and parents understand the policy that Camp is a place to go and be unplugged for 7 weeks! Any device that can take pictures, take videos, send an email/text, has internet access is not allowed. Old School Ipods and MP3 players are welcome at camp as long as they do not have capabilities to do any of the things mentioned above.