Rookie Day

Rookie Day


Still deciding if camp is for your child?

Choosing the right camp is an important decision. Our Rookie Day program is designed to help make the process easier for you and your child.

Rookie Day is an action packed experience designed to give prospective campers (grades 1-5) a unique opportunity to get a taste of sleep-away summer camp.

On arrival, your child will be placed with other prospective campers their age and the fun will begin. They will have the opportunity to play in our lake which includes an Aqua Playground and Giant Slide, in addition to standup paddle boards, ride the 4-wheelers, play various sports including Basketball, Soccer and GaGa and get a chance to go on the Rock Climbing Wall and Zip Line!

After an initial presentation by the Camp Owners/Directors, parents will get a Group tour of the Camp Green Lane Campus. There will be plenty of opportunity to ask any questions that you have or discuss anything.

Through our Rookie Day, campers get the chance to interact with other campers, be a part of a meal in the Camp Green Lane dining hall, take part in activities, and experience a small sample of all the fun, spirit, and tradition that Camp Green Lane has to offer. Your child will learn what being a part of the “Camp Green Lane Family” is all about.

Rookie Day is on July 13th, 2024.  The cost of Rookie Day is $100 which will be fully deducted from your 2025 tuition.