Staff FAQs

Where do Green Lane’s staff come from?

While most of our staff members come from the United States, we have staff members from Canada, United Kingdon, Australia, Mexico and New Zealand

What dates do I need to be available to work at camp this summer?

Staff Orientation begins on Monday, June 17th and the last day of camp is Saturday, August 11th.

What is Staff Orientation?

Staff Orientation begins 6 days before the campers arrive. It is a very structured schedule filled with get-to-know-you ice-breaker games, instruction, and team-building activities. Counselors unpack their campers and get their bunks set up for camper arrival. Most importantly during this time, staff members become acquainted with one another, the layout of camp, and the camp schedule.

How will I get to camp?

International staff hired through one of our staffing agencies will be picked up at the Philadelphia airport or nearby train station by our staff.

Domestic staff are welcome to drive and park their cars at camp. If you do not have a car and need transportation to camp, please contact the office.

Will I have access to the internet?

During your off time, you will have access to a cyber lab in camp as well as use of your cell phone. This is the only time and place that you are able to use your cell phone as they are not allowed any other place in camp other than the cyber lab.

Who is my point of contact as the summer approaches?

Adam Weiner:

What are the cabins like?

Each cabin has cot size/twin size bunk beds along with hot water and electricity. Each cabin has 2 sinks, 2 toilets and 2 showers.

Where are the campers from?

About 40% of our campers come South Jersey and suburban Philadelphia; 35% from northern New Jersey, New York, and Long Island; 10% are from South Florida and the remaining 15% from all over the country.