Camp Green Lane Blog Post, June 29th, 2021

, June 29, 2021

Now we’re cooking!

Yes, it was a hot day at Camp Green Lane today, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a fun one. The Anyday schedule started us usual with regular morning activities like hockey and softball and ultimate frisbee.

But because of the hot weather, we switched to our “Steamy Day” schedule in the afternoon, allowing us to run alternating swims for boys’ and girls’ camps. In between visits to Aunt Rachel’s pool, schedules were loaded up with lakefront activities and low-intensity games in the shade to keep us happy and cool.

For those new to Camp Green Lane and or those that could use a refresher, the days of the week do not exist at Camp Green Lane. Instead, we use Someday, Anyday, OneDay, Heyday, Sayday, Playday and Funday. We do this so that our schedule can continue to run through rainy days, and special events without having any camper miss out on the activities planned for that day. We also do this so that all campers can get lost in the magic of CGL without having the weight of reality with the days of the week.

Tonight, after dinner (Taco Tuesday!) we spent 7th period running Free Play by cabin, which gave campers the opportunity to close out the day with the activity of their choice. And the boys’ first trip to the canteen of the summer!

Camp teaches you a lot. One of those things is adapting to challenges and being creative in solving them. We like to say it never rains at CGL, but sometimes, it does get warm, and when it does, the fun never stops. We just adjust, find other ways to spend the day, and keep on doing our thing.

We play, we sweat, we run and cheer and at the end of the day, no matter if it rains (kidding!) or shines like it did. today, we always find a way to make a CGL day special.

Because when you are surrounded by your best friends in the world, there’s no such thing as too much sunshine.