Camp Green Lane Blog Post, July 4th, 2021

, July 4, 2021

Today’s post is brought to you by the Inter Boys, our youngest boys in camp.

We’ve had an amazing time getting to know each other through division-wide activities like capture the flag, bombardment, water gun fights and swimming. Each cabin is going to share a little bit of their first week with our CGL family.

The Marlins loved playing circle ball, a game invented by their counselor Matt. After being asked what they liked about the week, Mason, Nico, Eli, Tyler, and Cameron all agreed their favorite was water play, whether at the lake, the pool or water gun fights. Ever and Miles G. really enjoyed the evening activity, counselor hunt, while Myles M. loved making dirt at cooking.

Other activities they mentioned were leagues, dome hockey, tennis, and of course canteen. The Marlins have been having a great time!

The A’s want everyone to know they have enjoyed playing cards and getting to know each other during bunk-o (time in cabins during thunderstorms). Some of the boys absolutely love lake. Micah loves the slide and obstacle course, Jagger enjoys giving people “Uber” rides back to the shore with the canoe, and Logan loves cooling off in the water and canoeing. Bryant and Matthew love paddle boarding and that the lake is always the right temperature. Matthew and Chase can’t pick just one part of the lake—they love it all! In addition to the lake, the A’s enjoy other activities: Cole loves creating in arts & crafts, while Jaxon loves all sports. The A’s had a great first week and can’t wait to see what’s next.

The Tigers have played a lot of ping pong and gaga. James, August, Matthew, Eli, Jordan, Jeremy, Zach and Alex love going on the inflatables, the slide, and paddleboarding while at the lake. Elliott, Eli, and Alex have loved playing sports during leagues. Jordan, Elliott, August, Garrett, James, Jeremy, and Matthew love ALL of the camp meals. Garrett and Zach have a lot of fun spending time at the pool. All of the Tigers have been enjoying canteen and getting to know their counselors, Owen, Dani, and Dor (but mostly, canteen … wink, wink).

The Cards have really come together to help each other out and form strong friendships. The boys enjoy spending time with friends. Our favorite activities are the lake and the pool. They also take pride in having the cleanest cabin in the division. They are so relieved they don’t have to wear masks and we can have a “normal” summer. Their counselors, Tal, Adam, and Evan, are the best, they said. They really love Camp Green Lane.

The Blue Jays loved reuniting with old friends, making new friends, and getting to know their counselors. They decided to list their favorites from the week:

  • Evan—badminton and basketball
  • Jessy—BBK, badminton, and leagues
  • Heath—badminton, basketball, and arts & crafts
  • Drew—leagues, BBK, and gaga
  • Zeke—flag football, canteen, and badminton,
  • Ben—gaga, canteen, and lake
  • Asher—basketball and more basketball
  • Chase—canteen, lake, and gaga
  • Parker—lake, ping pong, and camp food

All of the Blue Jays are having so much fun and look forward to making so many more memories together this summer.

The Inter Boys are looking forward to our first campfire tonight and we want to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July!