Summer Blog Post July 27th

, July 27, 2022

Happy Heyday!

The camp is running on anticipation now with everyone speculating when Color War is going to break. Will it be Thursday? Friday? Saturday?? Sunday?! After breakfast? During Juice Squad? During free play??

Last night was full of fun evening activities. The Inter Boys had their overnight, assisted by Delta. It sounds like the younger boys were up nice and early, and I overheard one of the Delta campers comment, “I didn’t know something so little could kick that hard in their sleep.” Assumedly, a restful night was had by all.

The Greeks got to play blacklight bombardment (like dodgeball) in the Dome last night. We set up blacklights and provided plenty of neon body paint and speakers. When we peeked in, there was music blaring and the coolest glow-in-the-dark figures hurling balls across the room. It was like a big, competitive, blacklight party – a true treat that only the Greeks get to experience this summer.

The Cadets and Debs watched a movie (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs) in the Globe. When you live away from all screens, something like a movie is a true indulgence, especially for the girls, who had Canteen last night, too.

Today was overcast, but still nice and cool for our daily activities.

Tonight, as I write from my cozy cabin, with our dog Midge on our bed, I can’t help but smile at how much camp has started to feel like home. I am so grateful for these quiet moments of gratitude, and this amazing opportunity to experience something that truly frightened me.

I hope coming back to CGL feels like as much of a homecoming the next time we are here as our cabin does at the end of a long day.

Now that we are five weeks into our summer, I thought I would share a few lessons that camp has taught me:

A wet bathing suit is just as wet when you put it on as when you jump in the pool 10 minutes later.

Ice cream sandwich day is unmatched in its glory.

She who shows the most spirit gets the pizza party.

There is no such thing as too much sunscreen.

Rest period is the most undervalued hour of the day and should also be implemented in schools nationwide.

Pay attention to the little details, like the color of your counselor’s toothbrush. It just may win you a prize one day.

A white box fan beats air conditioning any day. (This is a lie, but works to tell any camper who complains about the heat.)

If the radar says it’s going to rain, it won’t.

Tie dying your own shirt is so much better than buying one already made.

Lying on the dock by the lake and looking up at the sky is better than any social media app.