Camp Green Lane Blog Post July 4th

, July 4, 2024

The Stanley Cup was paraded around camp today.

There are many traditions here at Camp Green Lane. Some are very old, like Rope Burn and Steeplechase, which we’ll tell you about later in the summer; some are annual traditions, like yesterday’s Carnival and Olympics, which is just around the corner. Today we all dressed up in red, white and blue for lunch for Independence Day.

Then, there are new traditions like the fourth annual 3-on-3 hockey tournament held each year on July 4. The event has grown in size over the last few years, but it’s always held on the Outdoor Rink. We make signs and there’s a makeshift Stanley Cup made out of an old garbage can and a soup bowl the winners write their names on. Writing names on things is a thing here at CGL, with the Arts and Crafts room a living monument to a lot of people who go and used to go to camp here.

But the Senior Boys have a trash can they write their names on and over the last few years of writing, it’s starting to get crowded on there. Today’s hockey tournament took all day. They started in the morning with 12 teams and 48 players and through the day, the field shrunk. By 6th period, the finale was set. Under clear skies, 40 boys lined the boards to watch their friends play for a chance to write their name on the Cup.

When it was over, the winners, Dylan Regan, Skyler Servetnick, Zach Davidoff and Ethan Janowitz hugged and jumped, but then something special happened as it always seems to do here at CGL.

The celebration of 4 turned into one of 40, with every boy in the division rushing the rink to congratulate the winners. A spontaneous victory party erupted. We cracked open Gatorade and the boys drank from the Cup and paraded around camp like they won something incredible.

Because they did. And it will last a lifetime.

Just like if it was the real Stanley Cup.