August 1, 2015 newsletter

, August 1, 2015

Let’s be real. I can write all about today in camp. I can tell you that league games were played, food was delish, everyone went swimming, but what you really want to know is WHEN IS COLOR WAR GOING TO BREAK??? We are asking ourselves the same question here in camp. The annual chart of guesses has gone up in the dining hall and the overwhelming choice is sometime on Monday. Best guess so far… “after the third boom”, at least someone has a sense of humor about it. The rest of us are dead serious. I had four cabins for nature today and the only thing they wanted to talk about was color war. Counselors had to retell the story of every break they experienced since they were in Holiday. Campers simply cannot get enough of Camp Green Lane history.

In the meantime, camp carries on while we wait. League games were played in hockey and water polo. Some cabins completed their archery and mini golf tournament and some completed their projects in arts and crafts. We had pop squad today, another Camp Green Lane favorite. We hope you had a great day too!


Yours in camping,


Aunt Mindy