August 10, 2015

, August 10, 2015

Aaahhh! The calm after the storm. Today was Country Club day here at Camp Green Lane. We slept late, had a leisurely breakfast, did super clean up, then headed out for a day of free play. It was nice to be lazy for one day after the frenzy of Color War.

While we were busy hanging around camp the upper Senior girls and Greek girls headed off to New Hope for a fun-filled afternoon of lunch and shopping. Not to be out done, the Senior boys and Greek boys went paint balling

I spent an hour with the cabins of Holiday and Hershey this morning. They are our youngest female cabins and they are quite an insightful group of young ladies. I asked them if they were happy Color War was over. Their answers varied but it came down to this: We love Color War. It is the best week in camp, BUT we love this more because we are all back together again. Of course everything can’t be “the best”, or else it takes away the meaning of being “the best”. However, everything in camp has its time. Color War is awesome, but so is a “regular” day. As we enter our last week of camp being together is really all we care about. Camp is full of special events and activities, but all we really want is to soak up every last minute we have with our camp family. So, this will be the running theme of the week. No matter what goes on in camp remember that we are keenly aware of the sand running through the hourglass. We will be busy and we will be having fun, but mostly we will be together. At the end of day, that is what we care about the most.

Yours in camping,

Aunt Mindy