August 11, 2015 newsletter

, August 11, 2015

In spite of the rain, today was our annual Battle of the Sexes and the games were ON! Naturally the girls were decked out in all pink while the boys donned the prerequisite blue. We split up by division to play a series of silly games that everyone loves. When was the last time you played musical chairs? Well, here at Camp Green Lane we take our chairs pretty serious. The girls triumphed in most divisions while the boys outdid us in the Wacky Relays. Alphabet Chase (a camp version of Scrabble) and Ridiculous Requests Relay (can you imitate 5 barnyard animals?) were split down the middle, with the boys winning some and the girls winning the rest. All in all, everyone had a blast and a good laugh with the opposite sex.
Tonight we all head out of camp for ice-skating! It is one of  the beloved field trips that we always save for the end of camp. I can’t wait to see everyone showing off his or her moves on the ice. Hope your day was great too!
Yours in camping,
Aunt Mindy