Camp Green Lane Blog, August 5th

, August 5, 2021

Last night was one of the most exciting events of Color War and one of the great traditions we have here at Camp Green Lane: Rope Burn.

Rope Burn is an intense competition between the two sets of male camper captains. Each team has to build a giant fire that burns through a thick piece of rope before the other team can. Everyone in camp sits down the hill on the tennis courts and cheers the boys on through a challenging task. It’s hard work and it gets so hot around the fires that Uncle Jay’s phone stopped working in the middle of the live stream!
Last night’s Rope Burn was one of the best in recent memory. It was a tight match, the teams traded momentum but eventually, the White team split their rope first at a time of 39 minutes. Green’s rope collapsed shortly after.
Prior to Rope Burn, we staged one of the wildest events of the summer: the Acorn Relay. During Free Play, every camper on every team had a part in a massive relay race that stretched across camp. The teams raced to finish first, faced with challenges like finding clues buried in the beach volleyball court to having to knock down bowling pins, to racing a bike across part of camp. This was another intense competition, but the Green team pulled out the Acorn Race victory.
The rest of the day was filled with more events, such as the Boys’ Track Meet and the Girls’ Swim Meet. A long, fun and exciting day was capped with the Greek Girls’ volleyball game.
See you later!