Camp Green Lane Blog July 2

, July 2, 2016

We have officially been here for a full week and I think the Senior girls who lead services last night best described how we are all feeling, thankful. Campers expressed how thankful they are to be at camp this summer and I think everyone in the audience agreed. The really cool thing is how we are all thankful for different reasons. Some campers may be thankful for the friends they have had for their entire camp life while others are thankful for the new summer family they have found in one short week. Others are thankful for their amazing counselors that are creating memories with them and for them. You can even be thankful for something as simple as an ice cream sandwich at lunchtime or a cabin cheer on your way to the lake. Right now sitting on the Whitehouse porch I am also thankful for this beautiful weather. Things are pretty perfect in the Camp Green Lane bubble. So I am sure all of the campers here would love to tell you how thankful they are that you, the parents, sent them to Camp Green Lane this summer. We are all appreciating each day we have here and are excited for 6 more weeks to come.


Yours in camping,


Aunt Jessie