Camp Green Lane Blog June 26th

, June 26, 2016

Today has been a great day! We ran our first regular day at camp. For those of you that don’t know, we don’t have traditionally named days of  week here at Camp Green Lane, our days are called Someday, Anyday, Oneday, Heyday, Sayday, Playday and Funday.  Today we ran a Someday schedule and the kids were out playing and having a blast. There were campers learning new games like BBK and playing flag football, lots of basketball and softball instruction periods, leagues team evaluations and finally the lake was a big hit with the new Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP, as the kids like to call them!)


At ten of four today, I witness something new and different at CGL this summer– Afternoon Snack has replaced what used to be known as Juice Squad. Not only are the campers getting either ice water or Gatorade as an afternoon refresher, they are also getting healthier and more substantial snacks as well. Yesterday, our campers were given Oreos and were offered a frozen Gogurt (Yogurt). Today we offered apples and cheese.  Many of you asked and we listened and the kids absolutely love the change. Everyone was excited walking through the canteen waiting to see what the snack would be today. I personally cannot wait to see what Aunt Robin and the Gamma girls will be serving tomorrow at 3:50!


Tonight, we will run our first division evening activities of the summer. The Inter Boys will be in the Gym and the Inter Girls in the Canteen, both playing their own games of Meet your Match to get to know each other and meet new friends. The Cadets have Elimination Newcomb under the lights at beach volleyball. The Deb girls division has Counselor Hunt, a Camp Green Lane favorite. The Senior Boys have Basketball under the lights on BB1 while the Senior girls will be making up fun skits on their hill while playing a game of Panic.  The summer is off to a great start and we are all excited for the next amazing camp day.


Yours in camping


Aunt Jessie