Camp Green Lane Blog–June 27th

, June 27, 2016

Tonight at camp we are trying something new and different for our evening activities. We have decided to change the PAL program this year to take place during our evening activity time. The PAL program pairs one of our older campers with one or two younger campers to provide positive role models and help to create life long bonds between the PALs. I think that it’s great for younger campers to hear stories and have a chance to get advice from an older camper. It gives the campers another connection to the Camp Green Lane family. There will be an evening activity about once a week where PALs will do something together to foster this relationship. The Inters, Debs and Cadet will all have Senior or Greek PALs. A camper should have the same PAL until they become a Senior, then they will get their own younger PAL to share stories with and help them love camp and find out how special this place truly is.

The campers were looking forward to finding out whom their new PAL will be tonight. The Senior boy and Inter boy pairs are playing a card game night, while the Senior girls and Inter girls are having a spa night. The Debs and Cadets, along with their Greek PALs are playing Snap to It. This is a game where the campers are given a disposable camera and a list of pictures they need to take together. We will get these developed and give them to the campers to have as a keepsake for the summer. The PAL groups will also do activities like a campfire and a 3 on 3 basketball tournament this summer.

Yours in camping

Aunt Jessie