Camp Green Lane Blog– June 29th

, June 29, 2016

Today at Camp Green Lane Path to Rhythm ( came back for another visit! Path to Rhythm is a program where each division works with different types of drums to create a Camp Green Lane beat. The campers learn how to use the drums and how each of them, when working together as a collective unit, can produce a great sound!  They make lyrics to their beats and even dance along together. I think this program is so great because it creates a sense of unity and togetherness among not only a division, but the whole camp. Everyone in camp might learn different skills with the drums based on their age but in the end they all will know the Camp Green Lane beat. We will all be able to sit in the dining hall together to clap and bang it out as a cheer.  We can sing it on bus rides, at trips and even just walking around camp. We are all connected by this new beat, strengthening the Camp Green Lane family bond.

Tonight there are many groups going out on trips. The Seniors and Greeks are going to the movies. The Inter boys will take on the Mini Golf Course at Freddy Hill and the Cadets will bowl some strikes at Earl Bowl. The Debs will have the first Black light dodgeball game of the summer in the Dome. The campers love this activity, they all wear glow in the dark clothes and get very into it. Finally the Inter girls will play the ever-popular counselor hunt. The sun is shining here and everyone has smiles on their faces. It’s crazy we have been here for 5 day! Can’t wait for day 6!

Yours in Camping

Aunt Jessie