Camp Green Lane Blog Post

, July 1, 2023

Happy Playday!

We had a lovely time at our evening services last night, led by the Debs. We celebrated some special campers and counselors with our CGL CHIPS and COW awards, and we hope you’ll help us celebrate them from home, too!

Compassion CGL CHIPS

  • Inter Boys: Tennessee Stokley-Bronz
  • Inter Girls: Jillian Fingeret
  • Cadets: Cole Pally
  • Debs: Alexis Rosenblatt
  • Senior Boys: Hudson Rosenthal
  • Senior Girls: Brooke Walcoff
  • Greeks: Sarah Seide

COWS (Counselor of the Week)

  • Inter Boys: Scott Hornell
  • Inter Girls: Molly Clark
  • Cadets: Josh Wiltshire
  • Debs: Lila Greenberg
  • Senior Boys: Joe Price
  • Greeks: Grace Kelly

We also recognized cabins for Inspection (having the cleanest cabin) and Spirit! Those cabins were:


  • Inter Boys: A’s
  • Inter Girls: Hyatt
  • Cadets: Pirates
  • Debs: Sands
  • Senior Boys: Phillies
  • Senior Girls: Biltmore
  • Greeks: Gamma


  • Inter Boys: Blue Jays
  • Inter Girls: Dunes
  • Cadets: Royals
  • Debs: Sheraton
  • Senior Boys: Mets
  • Senior Girls: Atlantis
  • Greeks: Delta

Today was a beautiful and uninterrupted camp day. Now that the summer is in full swing, there always seems to be something special and fun happening here at camp, like golf and horseback riding lessons, field trips, special events, and more. Camps Within a Camp will be starting soon, and next week brings some pretty exciting adventures like a Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs baseball game and Carnival. But today, our first Saturday of the summer, everyone is staying here at camp together.

Tonight’s evening activity is the first chance our CGL Pals get to spend time together! Pals are campers from different divisions who are paired together to spend some time getting to know one another, play some games, and hang out with someone with whom they may not otherwise get to! We pair Inter Boys with Senior Boys, Inter Girls with Senior Girls, Debs with Greek Girls, and Cadets with Greek Boys. We’ll host several Pals activities throughout the summer, giving each camper the chance to reconnect with their new buddy from time to time.

Tomorrow is another great day here at CGL (who doesn’t love Sunday bagels?!) and I can’t wait to share about our Pals activities in tomorrow’s blog.

We hope you’re having a fantastic weekend!