Camp Green Lane Blog Post

, July 4, 2023

Happy Someday – and Happy 4th of July!

We had a BLAST yesterday at the Lehigh Valley IronPigs baseball game! It turned out to be a double-header, as the previous night’s game had been pushed back, so there was plenty of baseball to be enjoyed on our trip. But while baseball is the meat of the field trip, the food is really the icing on the cake. Our campers indulged in a smorgasbord of delicious treats, including chicken fingers, burgers, Chickie & Pete’s crab fries, Dippin’ Dots, and of course, the iconic Aw, Shucks! Corn on a stick that some of us have been looking forward to all year (but I won’t name names.)

Camper Reid Elkins had the honor of throwing one of the first pitches of the game last night, too!! He represented CGL well, and it was so fun to cheer him on as his epic throw was broadcast on the jumbotron. We saw some other familiar CGL faces up on the big screen towards the end of the evening, too – check facebook and instagram later for some of the exciting footage!

While the Iron Pigs won the first game by a huge margin (13 – 4), they lost the second game at 4 – 5. But the loss was made much sweeter with the awesome fireworks show that came after, lighting up the night sky with patriotic flair. It was a late night for Camp Green Lane, and our campers all fell asleep quickly. Not to worry, though – we were treated to a 10 o’clock breakfast this morning, so everyone had the opportunity to sleep in.

To celebrate the holiday today, everyone has been wearing their most patriotic red, white, and blue outfits, including tutus, headbands, sunglasses, jewelry, and yes, the occasional cowboy hat. At lunch, there was quite a celebratory dance party in the dining hall (did you catch any of it streamed live this afternoon?!) to some of our favorite summer jams, and tonight we are celebrating our country with one of the most American meals possible – Taco Tuesday!

After dinner are the Carnival Lip Syncs (the ones themed around “In the Mood for Food”) which will surely have everyone smiling and cheering on some entertaining performances. I know I’m not the only one looking forward to dancing along to songs like “C is for Cookie,” “Eat It,” Lollipop,” and “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” (the closest thing we’ll get to peanut butter here at Camp Green Lane.)

Stay tuned for more updates about the lip sync and tomorrow’s exciting Carnival events!