Camp Green Lane Blog Post

, July 5, 2023

Happy Carnival Day!!!

Today we took a brief break from our regular camp schedule to celebrate Carnival, one of my favorite days of the summer.

First thing after breakfast, our campers embarked on their first Super Clean-Up of the summer, making sure their cabins were extra clean and organized before we start our next new week. As they cleaned, we also rotated them through arts and crafts to make signs for their assigned carnival booths and help to set up in the Dome.

After a cheesesteak lunch in the dining hall (because what else pairs better with Philly soft pretzels and Rita’s?!) campers prepared for an afternoon of fun. There were big inflatable obstacle courses floating in the pool and lining the hill in front of Cadet Row. The Dome was packed with various games and contests, each hosted by a different cabin, where campers could earn tickets to trade in for prizes. They even got to dunk their favorite counselors and upper staff in a dunk tank, which is always a fan favorite.

Refreshments included the aforementioned soft pretzels and water ice, cotton candy, and big bags of popcorn, the perfect hors d’oeuvres before a bbq chicken dinner.

Then, after dinner tonight, everyone will have plenty of time to shower and prepare for our first dance of the summer. There will be a DJ, lots of good music, and everyone will be dressed up to celebrate our first big event of the summer. Plus, we’ll be crowning the Carnival King and Queen, so stay tuned for that big announcement a little bit later tonight!

It’s been a busy day for us here at Camp Green Lane, and I’m sure that tonight’s shower hour is going to be quieter than usual as we all rest up and recoup from our festivities in preparation for the dance tonight.

Stay tuned for updates on the dance tonight, and we’ll recap everything for you tomorrow!