Camp Green Lane Blog Post

, July 8, 2023

Happy Heyday!

Though there was some rain last night, it didn’t stop us from enjoying our lovely Friday night services and honoring a new group of CGL campers!

This week’s CGL CHIPS theme was Perseverance. Uncle Jesse talked about how persevering at something means trying it even if you think you may not be good at it, even if you know there are other people who may do it better than you. It’s about believing in yourself and pushing yourself to keep going, even when it may be easier to give up.

This week’s campers that were recognized for perseverance were:

Inter Boys – Eli Peskin

Inter Girls – Sabrina Doninger

Cadets – Justin Saladino

Debs – Maddie Cook

Senior Boys – Ethan Petrozak

Senior Girls – Skylar Howard -Potter

Greeks – Paige Cronin

Congratulations to the campers who were honored, and who continue to inspire us to persevere even when things start to feel challenging.

Our cabin Spirit Award winners for this week were:

Inter Boys – A’s

Inter Girls – Holiday

Cadets – White Sox

Debs – Palace

Senior Boys – Braves

Senior Girls – Claridge

Greeks – Sigma

And our cabin Inspection winners were:

Inter Boys – Rangers

Inter Girls – Hershey

Cadets – Pirates

Debs – Sands

Senior Boys – Braves

Senior Girls – Biltmore

Greeks – Gamma

And last but not least, our Counselors of the Week (COWs) were:

Dee Gifford

Dylan Stein

Ollie Steel

Blair Huxtable

We love celebrating the exemplary people that make CGL such an inviting, welcoming, and exciting place, and sharing them with you is always a treat, too!

We are finally falling into the routine of camp, which is definitely its own distinct rhythm. Even the kids who are experiencing their first summer at camp have established a new normal and are fitting into the groove of Camp Green Lane. We’re still mixing it up with some fun new activities like The CGL Open, which is a camp Frisbee Golf (affectionately nicknamed FROLF).

Every day is a new day that brings new and exciting opportunities here at CGL. We’ll see what this evening and tomorrow brings, and if it’s anything exciting, I’ll be sure to share it with you in tomorrow’s blog!

Until then, we’ll be playing, learning, competing, splashing, cooking, riding, growing, and enjoying everything camp has to offer!