Camp Green Lane Blog Post

, July 9, 2023

Happy Sayday!

Today was a BIG day at Camp Green Lane. It started raining pretty early in the day, so our campers had plenty of opportunities to get a little extra rest and clean up their cabins. It may have been a little boring, but one of the things I love most about camp is how it forces you to learn how to be bored, and how to entertain yourself without a screen. Our campers are getting good at turning to friendship bracelets, letter writing, and card games in moments of downtime.

Lunch was classic Sunday bagels, and while the counselors and supervisors had a staff meeting right afterwards, the rest of the Upper Staff stayed with the campers in the Dining Hall for a rousing game of Simon Says with Aunt Barb, who is ridiculously good at the game. There were whispers of our next event – Olympics – breaking at any moment, and Uncle Jesse’s Survivor headband even made an appearance…

Shortly thereafter, the Olympics theme song started playing throughout camp, and everyone excitedly hurried to the Stein Dome. It was a double-header, as not only was the next Survivor event set up, but our Olympics team captains were excitedly awaiting their future teammates.

Our 2023 Olympics theme is Battle at the Zoo, and our four teams are Mammals, Fish, Birds, and Reptiles. The team captains this year are:

Mammals: Lilah Greenberg and Tyler Malat

Fish: Emma Freedman and Joe Price

Birds: Sophie Davis and Josh (JJ) Wiltshire

Reptiles: Grace Kelly and Nathan Reed

The team captains will lead their Olympics teams through a variety of events later this week. Campers don’t yet know to which team they belong, but they’ll find out soon enough! Today was just the start of a fantastic CGL tradition that we can’t wait to share with you over the next few days.

Once the captains and theme had been introduced, the second Survivor game of the year commenced! This one was called Bet On It, where cabins bet on exhilarating tasks and challenges completed by the Upper Staff. The division with the most points would win this event, propelling them closer to the title of Division of the Year for 2023.

The campers enjoyed watching upper staff compete in events like a Marshmallow Toss, Hockey Shots, Rock Paper Scissors, High Card Draw, and a rousing game of Knockout. Us upper staff put aside our egos and our pride for a half hour to entertain the campers, and as always, there were some epic surprises (like underdog Aunt Beth kicking Uncle Adam’s butt in the hockey shot!)

It is still raining here, but everyone is tucked into their cabins for a while longer until dinner. Then, our evening activity is an exciting concert in the Globe by pop singer Ava Della Pietra!

Hopefully the rain lets up tomorrow for another sunny day, but even if it rains on our parade, we’ll still find ways to make it a great day here between the arches.