Camp Green Lane Blog Post

, July 30, 2019

Yesterday was an exciting day of color war events! We started the day with cabin activities and spent the afternoon with the boys at track and field and girls at the swim meet. It was close but the White Team boys won the track and field and Green Team girls won the swim meet.

After dinner last night we had our always popular Acorn Relay! The Acorn Relay is an all camp relay race where activities need to be completed at many locations before moving on. The captains can assign as many people as they want at each location but every single person in camp must be used for the race. The lead changed several times and it all came down to the last leg on BB1. The captains had to make three separate corn hole shots with the entire camp cheering them on! It was a nail biter and came down the last shot with the White Team taking the victory!

Following the Acorn Relay we all headed up to the tennis courts at the top of camp to watch our male camper captains compete in Rope Burn! Rope Burn is one of the most exhilarating events to watch and the campers were on their feet cheering with pride for their camp captains the entire time! The boys had to build a fire from sticks they had been collecting since color war broke and break their rope that hung 10 ft high. The fires were high and burning bright side by side and it was hard to tell who’s rope would break first! White team lit their fire first but the Green team came back quickly.  White was victorious in the end and then they went and helped the Green fire until their rope fell as well. It was wonderful to see the sportsmanship and camaraderie from boys who have been waiting their entire camp life for that moment.

We finished the night with Greeks basketball on BB1 with a White Team Victory.

The kids are having a blast and today we woke up to another exciting day of color war between the arches! We can’t wait to report all of the results!