Camp Green Lane Blog Post

, July 13, 2023

Happy Someday!

It has been an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day here at Camp Green Lane!! The sun has been shining all day, a magnificent breeze has been blowing through camp, and everyone has been outside playing and enjoying the glorious weather. The excitement of Olympics is on the horizon, and now that the Greeks have returned from their trip (more on that, soon!), everyone is back and ready for an epic Battle of the Zoo tomorrow…

For today, I thought I would continue my cabin interview from yesterday! This time, I had the pleasure of speaking with the girls from Tropicana, one of our Debs cabins. Here’s what they had to say about their summer at CGL so far:

What are your favorite camp activities?



What has been your favorite evening activity so far?

“Send me!” (this one was echoed by the majority of the cabin,)

“Pal night!”

What would you say to someone who is thinking about coming to camp but isn’t quite sure about it?

“You should, it’s SO much fun!”

“You make friends for a lifetime.”

“Yeah, they become like your sisters.”

“Sometimes you love them more than your REAL sisters!”

What is your favorite camp meal?

“Taco Tuesday.”



What is your favorite thing to do at camp?

“Shower hour.”



“Rest period.”

If you could describe your cabin in one word, what would it be?