Camp Green Lane Blog Post

, July 16, 2023

Today’s Blog is written by campers of the Greek Division who went to Lake Placid last week for their 2 day/3 night trip.   If you haven’t, please check out the album titled the Greeks at Lake Placid on our Facebook page to see pictures of this awesome trip!

Greek Trip – Alpha Blog written by: Josh Greenbarg & Oren Kichel

Last week, we took a trip, along with the rest of the Greek division, to Lake Placid, New York. After we arrived in Lake Placid, we were given some free time to wander the town and explore the many shops. The quiet town had plenty of great restaurants as well as unique boutiques. Later that night, we headed over to the Olympic hockey rink, where we tried out curling, as well as ice skated. For most of us, it was our first time curling, but we were quick to pick up the rules and were playing in no time. We had a blast! The following day, we had an early start to our morning as we headed over to the Ausable Chasm, where we participated in an exhilarating ropes course, which took us over a rushing river and a waterfall. Additionally, we went on a long hike, where we took in the many scenic views and admired the natural beauty of the Adirondacks. Afterwards, we had a chance to relax as we swam and kayaked in the beautiful Mirror Lake. Again, the views were impeccable and everyone enjoyed the contrast of the heat with the cool temperature of the lake. Later in the evening, we went back over to the Olympic ice to play broomball, a fun and fast moving game. After the exciting broomball game, we were able to see the Miracle Ice, where the “greatest upset in sports history” took place. With many of us being hockey fans ourselves, it was a truly amazing site to see. Finally, on our last day in Lake Placid, we were given a tour of the many other fascinating Olympic sites in Lake Placid, including the ski jumping and bobsledding complexes. After some final views from the top of the ski jump complex, it was time for us to return to camp. Overall, we had a remarkable experience in Lake Placid, and we all hope to return there someday. 

 Gamma Blog written by Addi Stein, Rebekah Golub, Hannah Rubin

7:30 am sharp we lugged our stuff onto the Perkiomen buses as we drove out of the arches. We weren’t thrilled about the 7 hour bus ride that awaited us, but we couldn’t be more excited to arrive in lake placid. The first four hours were quick and we had a scrumptious lunch at the one and only Cracker Barrel. After we gobbled up some biscuits, we got back on the bus and continued our journey. We arrived at the High Peaks Resort, and waited anxiously to find out who we would be rooming with for the next couple days. After settling in, we walked along the streets of Lake Placid and we were pleasantly surprised by all the great restaurants and shops that were able to explore. After a filling meal, we prepared to visit the Olympic ice rink center. On the ice of the 1932 rink, we learned how to curl and ice skate. We came to a consensus that we should join our school’s curling teams since we were so gifted at this complex sport. There were 7 successful curling attempts, 15 falls, and 100+ moments of laughter. We concluded our night with some figure skating and some intense speed skating races. Shoutout to Allie Stumer for MCing the speed skating race and hyping up her peers. 

The following morning we woke up bright and early to explore the greater parts of the Adirondacks. We arrived at Ausable Chasm where we split into two groups. One did the adventure course that consisted of cable bridges and scaling cliff sides. We put our fears behind us and 8 out of the 13 of us successfully completed the course. The other group journeyed along the hiking trails that surrounded the channel, but we ruined our white shoes. Regardless of our blackened shoes, the trails really pushed us to work together. We navigated through the woods aimlessly until we found our way out. Ultimately, this excursion opened our eyes to the beauty of nature and the importance of pushing yourself to step out of your comfort zone. 

Our next adventure consisted of canoeing and paddle boarding on Mirror Lake. This was the most relaxing part of the entire trip. Some of us spent up to an hour on paddle boards, bathing in the sun and splashing in the water. The water was so warm and refreshing that we literally never wanted to come out.

Later that evening, we went out to dinner as a cabin to celebrate Carmen’s birthday. We ordered multiple pizzas and appetizers and had a true family style meal filled with spills and laughter. Our jam packed day didn’t end there as we went back to the Olympic center to play broomball. This game is played with rubber brooms and futsals. We broke up into teams consisting of everyone in our division. We played an intense tournament and the yellow team won the chip. Shout out to Zoe Stumer for having the most wipeouts and getting up every time just to fall shortly after. Baby giraffe (aka Jess Schneck) learned how to use her legs on ice after slipping and falling when no action was around her. We ended this evening with a scoop of creamy goodness and a treck back to our hotel. 

After a long restful sleep, most of us woke up bright and early to explore the town one last time. We all got our Starbucks and went shopping at the overpriced US Olympic stores and bought gear we most likely didn’t need. We packed up the rooms and we were all very sad to leave our air conditioned rooms. On our final adventure we visited the ski jumping and bobsled Olympic facilities. We were astonished to learn how intense these events truly are and were shocked how brave you have to be to be an Olympian. Our trip concluded with a final goodbye to Mary-Kathryn, our wonderful tour guide. 

The bus ride home felt unbearably long, however we were excited to return to our summer home. Shout out to Addi Stein for sleeping the entire bus ride and Danny Gurtov for playing some great movies. We got home at 8:30 and were greeted by one too many pizzas. Overall, we had an amazing trip and are very grateful we were able to experience this trip. We would totally recommend visiting Lake Placid and hopefully we will return one day as counselors.