Camp Green Lane Blog Post, July 22nd

, July 22, 2021

What an exciting day this has been!

Today was Olympics at Camp Green Lane. That’s when we split up into four teams and spend the day competing in crazy-fun events like Slip-and-Slide Kickball, Tug-of-War and the foamy Obstacle Course!

An annual tradition, the day began with the Opening Ceremonies, featuring a memorable torch-lighting and  the always entertaining Fear Factor! The eight captains started off Olympics by devouring a flatbread topped with all kinds of spicy and stomach-turning delights that set the tone for one of the most exciting days of the summer.

The four teams—Water, Fire, Air and Earth—were all  dressed in their colors and face paint and competed hard all day in their events. Before a cookout lunch, we staged an all-camp game of All God’s Children, and this evening, we’re excited for the yearly Wing Bowl when four lucky (or unlucky?) Greeks face off in a red-hot chicken wing-eating contest.   All God’s Children is a game in which everybody takes off their shoes, turns around, their shoes get thrown all over the place..then we blow the whistle and each campers needs to find their shoes, tie them and get back in line.  The team with 75 campers with tied shoes first wins.

Finally, tonight we’ll crown an Olympics winner following the sing, and then we’ll dance the night away on BB1 in our second all-camp dance of the summer!

The score going into the Sing is the team of Air with 455 points, Fire and Water each with 430 points and Earth with 368 points.

See you tomorrow!