Camp Green Lane Blog Post

, July 23, 2023

Happy Sayday!

I hope everyone is recovering from a beautiful and eventful Visiting Day. We had a great time watching The Great Dubois perform for camp last night with some intense juggling and circus tricks, which was perfect for keeping spirits lifted and everyone entertained.

Today has been busy here at CGL, too. We said goodbye to our four week campers, as there were plenty of tears from bunkmates who were so sad to see them go, and even the senior boys were showing their emotion quietly, and then covering up with jokes and laughter. The four-weekers will be missed here for the rest of the summer, and we hope we’ll see all of them again next year for the full seven weeks!

Another CGL tradition began today: The third annual As-Socks-sination game. Played by Senior Boys, Senior Girls, Greeks, and their counselors, each participant draws the name of another player on a popsicle stick. They then have to tag that person with a CLEAN sock in order to get them out of the game, and then assume the target that their person was seeking. This whittles the game down until the last person is As-socks-sinated, and the reigning champion will receive a day’s worth of door-dashed meals. We’ll keep you posted as the game progresses!

With all of the excitement of the past few days, I haven’t had the opportunity to share our Inspection, Spirit, CGL CHIPS, and COW winners from this past Friday’s services! Here are the big winners:


  • A’s
  • Hyatt
  • Pirates
  • Palace
  • Phillies
  • Biltmore
  • Gamma


  • A’s
  • Ritz
  • Red Sox
  • Seasons
  • Braves
  • Atlantis
  • Delta


  • Mason Steinberg
  • Scarlett Kanter
  • Ryan Mandel
  • Izzy Kevitch
  • Max Basch
  • Ava Gold
  • Jax Kaber

COW (Counselor of the Week)

  • Jacob Israel (Condo)
  • Andrew Blizzard
  • Emma Satisky
  • Isabel Scott
  • Holly Maycock
  • Jesse Goldstein
  • Sem Van Der Vlis
  • Jack Weiner

We are off to a great start this week, and even with a warm, sunny week ahead, we have plenty of fun ways to stay cool and entertained. And there’s always the anticipation of those three booms on the horizon.