Camp Green Lane Blog Post

, July 25, 2023

Happy Yayday!

Today’s blog is a shorter one, because we had one heck of a Bunko day today!

The storm was a little unexpected and gave us a few surprises like a brief power outage, but we made sure campers were safe inside their cabins and entertained. Remember, these are the moments that form some of the best memories of camp, tucked away and having some one-on-one time with cabinmates!

Plus, it was fun to see all of the campers confused, thinking the thunder was a color war boom. Not yet!!!

When the rain started to let up this afternoon during the power outage, we had campers meet in the GLOBE, Dome, and the Gym for some activities and to give everyone a little fresh air. Once the power came back on, the sun started shining, and everyone started playing outside again. Sure, it may have been a slower paced day, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t fun, or that we didn’t try something new and spend time with friends!

Tonight, the Debs and Cadets went to the movies, and everyone else had a fun game to play with their Division. The forecast looks clear for the rest of the night, so while the grass is still wet, we can finish out the day on a beautiful note and look forward to another gorgeous sunny day tomorrow!