Camp Green Lane Blog Post

, July 26, 2023

Happy Funday!

After a day of crazy rain yesterday, today was absolutely beautiful, perfect for running a full schedule, including super cleanup!

During breaks today, a lot of the cabins made their way to arts and crafts to coordinate and make their Halloween dance costumes for Friday. It was fabulous to see them collaborating, making something new, and getting excited about team costumes!

Similarly, a lot of the Greek girls were sporting their pink Barbie shirts they bought at Ocean City the other day in preparation for movie night tonight. All in all, it was a fun experience to see everyone coordinating as a cabin, moving through camp with a collective look and a mission.

Last night, the Inter Boys were struggling a bit with good sportsmanship during their night Leagues game, and their counselors brought them over to the Senior Boys’ basketball League game to watch good sportsmanship in action. As an adult, it was a lovely thing to observe, the young boys raptly watching the older ones playing, cheering each other on, and coaching from the sidelines. Most of them got invested in the game and found themselves on their feet cheering alongside other campers, counselors, and upper staff.

As someone who was never a camper growing up, I can’t imagine the experience of cohabitating with 5 – 10 peers. You have to learn how to bond so quickly, know each other’s routines and preferences, and learn everyone’s boundaries. You discover your similarities and things you have in common and make lifelong friends.

But, like siblings, there can be conflict. Living in close proximity and being with each other 24/7, feathers can get ruffled. But while making some of the best friends of your life, you also learn how to resolve conflict. How to figure out a problem. How to compromise. It’s one of the greatest things I see kids learning at camp, and while it’s not always easy, it’s invaluable.