Camp Green Lane Blog Post

, July 27, 2023

Tis the season for a Fake Break!! 

We bring you this special edition morning blog to update you on the exciting way our morning began. 

Every morning after Reveille, Aunt Sandy usually plays a song that has been requested by a counselor or camper. This morning, however, a mashup of two songs played over the loudspeaker. One was a country song, one R&B. Immediately, everyone’s Color War senses started tingling and campers started popping their heads out of their cabins. 

And then it happened – the first big BOOM of the season!! 

Instantly, campers came running down the hill, excitedly cheering and yelling as they approached BB1, on which was parked a sleek Audi. 

Then, a second boom – could this be it?! A big tractor started pulling in from the softball field, parking head to head with the Audi. City vs  Country WOULD be a fun theme!! Everyone stood with baited breath, waiting for a third boom…

And then the girls of Sigma lined up on the bleachers with their posters, revealing the letters F-A-K-E B-R-E-A-K. 

Alas. Not this time! But on the bright side, it got everyone out of bed, excited, and totally suspicious about anything and everything out of the ordinary they may see in the next few days. 

We’ll keep you posted! Stay tuned!