Camp Green Lane Blog Post

, July 27, 2023

Happy Yayday…again!

Today we made up part of Yayday’s schedule from two days ago, having had to rearrange for our Bunko. However, today’s forecast was pretty clear and warm, and re-doing Yayday meant we could also build in plenty of extra time for campers to cool off in the pool!

After this morning’s Fake Break, beautifully executed by Sigma, everyone has been a little on edge. The Senior Girls kept referring to it as “Color War is in the air” earlier today, and that’s exactly what it feels like…every bang, splat, crunch, or unexpected noise sends people running, and even veteran upper staff are pacing in anxious anticipation.

It could happen at any moment, and everyone knows it.

There was another mini fake-break this afternoon, too, when an old Color War song started playing on the loudspeaker and everyone ran to BB1. There were no booms, however, so it was quickly dismissed as a fake break.

This evening after dinner is an epic softball showdown between the upper staff and Delta and Sigma. It’s a beautiful night, and everyone will watch and root on the team of their choice. Evening activities will have everyone spread out around camp playing games by division, but I have a hunch that everyone will be a little extra on edge; after all, Color War is in the air…