Camp Green Lane Blog Post

, July 28, 2023


Color War 2023 has finally broken, and the entire camp has split into two teams: White Monsters and Green Aliens.

Yesterday evening, following a riveting upper staff vs. Delta & Sigma softball game, there was a (very realistic) fake break pulled off by Delta. One loud BOOM sent everyone flying down to BB1, where they quickly noticed some strange activity at the GLOBE, including a circus parachute, music from The Greatest Showman playing, and a video announcing the “2023 theme” Circus vs. Cinema.

The end of the video made it clear that it was a fake break, and Uncle Adam dismissed everyone back to BB1 to pick up night time snacks. While everyone made their way over, it happened – a second unexpected BOOM! There were shrieks and squeals and everyone started following Uncle Jesse and the siren whooping from his bullhorn as he guided everyone over toward the softball field.

Everyone looked around excitedly, searching for the next big clue that Color War was about to break. Was it emerging from the lake? Bursting out from the White House?

And then, over the treeline beyond the cabins, rose a gathering of bright lights. Finding an opening in the dark night sky, they began to arrange a familiar shape: the CGL “acorn” logo. The shrieking continued: this was actually it, or the GREATEST fake break in history. But there hadn’t been a third boom!

It was now apparent that the lights were actually drones, and they continued to rearrange to form symbols. They went from a classic green alien head to Frankenstein’s monster, to one of the Toy Story aliens to Mike Wazowski from Monster’s Inc, to ET to vampire fangs dripping blood. Then, what everyone was waiting for…the drones arranged to form the words “Color War”, and the third BOOM rang out.

From there, everyone ran onto BB1 to find their teams and welcome this year’s songwriters and captains. The White Monsters are led by captains Emma Freedman and Hunter Cohen, and the Green Aliens are led by captains Lilah Greenberg and Jack Futerman.

The 2023 White Monster Camper Captains are Jessica Schneck, Emory Cohen, Josh Greenbarg, and Jonathan Goldstein. The Green Alien Camper Captains are Addie Stein, Hannah Rubin, Jax Kaber, and Oren Kichel.

This morning, we began the day with our first silent meal of Color War (where no one is allowed to talk or mouth words and has to figure out new ways to communicate.) Then, dressed in their best green and white attire, everyone went off to their first cabin activity of the day.

So far, some of the highlights of the day have been the Alpha/Delta B basketball game, which came down to the buzzer. The White Team overcame a double digit deficit to win the game, which helped put the White Monsters in the lead for the morning (though by a small margin!) The Green Inter Girls and Debs teams swept Water Polo, and the Inter Boys’ White teams won both Newcomb (a game similar to volleyball) and basketball.

We just wrapped up a second activity this afternoon, and then teams will head to rallies to learn their team songs before beating the heat in the pool. A third cabin activity will take place after dinner, and then tonight’s evening activity is both male and female staff volleyball games!

There is so much green and white in camp, and I have seen so many moments of encouragement and positivity on (and across!) both teams.

I’m getting my first brief taste of Color War, and I’m starting to understand what all the hype is about…