Camp Green Lane Blog Post

, July 29, 2023

Happy Day 3 of Color War!!

If you thought camp was overrun with green and white yesterday, you should see everyone today! The body paint, tutus, headbands, and socks have taken over, and it’s hard not to be filled with camp spirit everywhere you look.

You can always tell when a good day’s worth of work has been put in, and today was one of those days where I think everyone appreciated a silent meal at breakfast.  But the silence didn’t last long as the first cabin activities of the day began. Alpha/Delta B had an entertaining flag football game that ended in a White win, the Green Team took the “W” in the Orioles/Rangers/Tigers soccer game, as well as the Mets/Braves/Phillies basketball game.

At our second cabin activity of the day, some highlights included the White Monsters wins with the Ritz/Dunes Gaga game, the Seasons/Sheraton/Sands and Tropicana/Palace Sea Hunt and the As/Blue Jays soccer game. But Green Alien fans never fear – they won the coveted Holiday/Hyatt/Hershey/Regency basketball game, Gamma/Sigma B flag football, and the Claridge/Dorado hockey game.

This afternoon, we all gathered after Juice Squad to watch the female staff basketball game. The Green Team won the game, though both teams did amazingly playing in the midday heat.

As White Monsters captain Emma Freedman proclaimed today, “It’s comeback season!” White Team was behind about 200 points at lunch, but their team worked hard this afternoon to close the deficit a bit. It’s still anybody’s game with some big events coming up like Scavenger Hunt this evening, the Acorn Relay tomorrow, and Rope Burn tomorrow night.

The weather is supposed to be absolutely beautiful over the next few days, which will make competing outside even better. There is so much to look forward to still in Color War (4 more days, to be exact!) and we can’t wait for even more incredible moments to come.