Camp Green Lane Blog Post

, July 30, 2023

Everybody has a job during Color War.

Everyone has a task or something they’re good at, something to contribute to the greater good of the team. Camp Green Lane Color War is unique in that anyone, from the youngest Inter Girls and Boys, all the way up to their counselors, can chip in and help their team in one way or another. Some contributions are small and may go unnoticed, while others are massive and can happen on the biggest stage BB1, under the lights; or atop the hill by the Girls’ Tennis Courts.

Campers and counselors alike can help their teams, and not just on the field or court. There are contests that measure artistic ability and creativity. Problem solving skills are rewarded during Scavenger Hunt and the Acorn Relay, which will be held later tonight. And a little spirit goes a long way this week, like when you encourage a teammate or a friend to finish the race.

Everyone can do something. Today was a day for some counselors to do their part.

Like many campers, a big percentage of our staff comes to camp each summer as green as the grass. They are new. They know nothing about camp or what they truly signed up for, and over the course of the season, they learn and they grow and they fall in love with this place just like we do. Some of them come from very far away. In many ways, our international staff has a tougher time adjusting to a new place in a foreign land than our newest, youngest campers. But CGL magic knows no borders, and over time, our international counselors can become a very big part of camp.

Today, some of them got their big Color War moments as the staff soccer games were held on a picture-perfect afternoon. They got to play their game. They got to show off their skills and helped to put their mark on these Color days. For those counselors who have been coaching sports they don’t understand all summer, who don’t know the top of an inning from a foul shot, there was nothing lost in translation on the soccer pitch. Today, they got to do their part.

Tonight, everyone’s attention will be on the top of the hill by the Girls’ Tennis Courts for Rope Burn. It’s the most exciting event of the summer. The male camper captains build giant fires in a race to see which team burns through a braided rope first.

Color War personified, Rope Burn is a primitive and dramatic event steeped in tradition. It’s a simple race, but the atmosphere and the challenge and the pressure and the heat makes it a magical night for everyone involved and everyone else watching.

Tonight, camper captains Jax Kaber, Oren Kichel, Josh Greenbarg and Jon Goldstein will get their moment.

Because during a CGL Color War, everyone gets to contribute.