Camp Green Lane Blog Post

, August 4, 2023

Today, we resumed regular programming.

After Country Club Day yesterday—Free Play, all day, a traditional day-after Color War recovery day—we resumed a regular Anyday morning of cabin activities. Electives. Instructional Swim. Flag football. But there’s nothing “regular” about the days after Color War’s conclusion.

Today was probably the last Instructional Swim of the summer for those Inter Boys. Today was likely the last time the Debs will have Low Ropes and the Inter Girls will visit Cooking.

These days are numbered. And everyone in camp feels it.

These are also the days when the most vivid memories of summer are made, when Leagues championships are won and Tournaments are played. During these final days of summer, Arts and Crafts comes alive more than any room in camp.

Of course, it’s always lively down by Lakeside throughout the summer. Aunt Barb is a favorite around camp. There’s a steady stream of big and little kids coming down the road and behind the tennis courts all summer, looking to make a bracelet or test their Simon Sez mettle. Arts and Crafts is a lot of fun for a lot of people, for a lot of different reasons.

Housed in what’s believed to be the oldest building in camp (where they used to shower way back in the day), Arts and Crafts really is the heartbeat of Camp Green Lane.

Yesterday, it was the place to be.

Because once a summer, on the day after Color War, campers who have been here for five or more years are allowed to paint their names on the walls. Or the floors. Or the ceiling. The only rule is you may not write over anyone else’s name.

This is where you can literally see the generations grow.

The names go back decades. The paint fades over time, but memories and faces last forever in here.

Over the years, names have filled up every inch of available space on the walls. So campers have gotten pretty creative picking forever spots for their names and initials. They paint them on benches. Floorboards. Shelves. Doorframes and window frames are scribbled with names and years in every color and style you can imagine. Thick brush strokes and thin marker lines connect generations in a beautiful collage of living, breathing CGL legacy.

It’s one little way to leave your mark on Camp Green Lane.

During these final days, it’s impossible not to feel the impression this place leaves on all of us.