Camp Green Lane Blog Post

, August 9, 2023

Today, we packed.

Tonight, we’ll dance.

Cabaret is one of the most anticipated nights of the summer. It features a buffet dinner of favorites like chicken wings and meatballs and mini-egg rolls, and big bottles of soda on all the tables to share.

After dinner is the Cabaret Dance, when we get dressed up for one last bash on BB1. Campers and counselors have been saving special outfits all summer just to wear tonight. Some have been wrapped in plastic for six weeks with little notes attached: FOR CABARET.

One boy is wearing a red and gray shirt with matching dress shorts. He’s wearing his friend’s Nike sneakers because he says none of his match the whole thing. Another says he’s wearing peaches. Another is wearing Stan Smith shoes, which he’ll clean before the dance. Little boys will put gel in their hair, big ones will put on too much body spray,

One girl is so excited to tell me about the black dress with cutouts she’s been saving for tonight. Her friend is wearing hot pink. Another says she’s wearing a blue dress with no sleeves. Another is smiling about the skirt with a crop top she has picked out. Some will trade and wear their friends’ clothes. Others put less thought into it.

Food. Fun. Friends.

All of them have had tonight mentally circled for days.

They’ve all been saving something special for tonight.

Their cabins are all bare and their special outfits are one of the last things they’ll stuff into their duffels. Big kids and little kids alike transitioned from packing up their things during the morning and afternoon, to preparing for a big night.

It’s the dance when everyone holds each other a little tighter, a little longer.

Because it’s one last chance to get dressed up, made up, and party under the lights with all their best friends.

Today, we packed.

Tonight, we dance.