Camp Green Lane Blog Post

, June 26, 2023

Happy Someday!!!

First things first – for those who are unfamiliar with the CGL schedule, our (8 day) weeks are made up of totally different days than the ones on a normal calendar. Our week goes Someday, Anyday, Oneday, Heyday, Sayday, Playday, Yayday (a brand new addition this year!), and Funday. Each day brings a brand new schedule of activities for campers that keeps them active, playing, and having fun.

And we have been having a LOT of fun today!! Last night we enjoyed watching our counselors show off their talents in the Globe as an evening activity. There was plenty of singing, dancing, watermelon eating, and even (voluntary) head-shaving. It was an entertaining way to get acquainted with our 2023 CGL counselors and we applaud everyone for taking a risk and performing in front of an audience of over 350 hyped-up campers!

This morning, some of our counselors were surprised to find out that kids can be early risers, a fun lesson to learn after a long first day of camp. There are a lot of things our counselors will learn this summer that will give them a whole new respect for parents and their own counselors of the past.

Since breakfast, our campers have been cycling through a variety of activities, including dance, gymnastics, basketball, cooking, arts and crafts, archery, swimming, bikes, and SO much more. We paused for lunch and a rest period before resuming the day, and the rain has held off long enough to make it all the way through a full first day.

One of my favorite parts about being back at camp is how whenever you pass by someone, it’s completely normal to say “hello.” Camper, counselor, upper staff – everyone takes a moment to smile and greet one another. It’s something that I found jarring upon returning to the “real world” at the end of summer, that not everyone takes the time to acknowledge one another as they pass. It’s a little detail that makes camp feel like a community, and I didn’t realize how much I missed it until it was gone, and how much I appreciate it now that it’s back.

Tonight’s evening activities will have our kids playing some epic games along with the other cabins in their Division. And maybe, just maybe, after a full first day of camp, the counselors will be blessed tomorrow with sleeping in just a *little* later than they did this morning.