Camp Green Lane Blog Post

, June 22, 2024

Today Camp Green Lane was filled with the sounds of summer.

Counselors and staff had the opportunity to go through a typical camp schedule. That means Reveille woke us up. We had French toast sticks for breakfast and went back to the cabins to clean up, just like we do every day.

Then it was off to morning activities.

The engines revved at quads and you could hear the crack of the bat on Softball 1. From the tree line, you could hear hoots and hollers from the zipline at High Ropes, and the air was filled with the sound of bouncing basketballs on BB1.

We did it all today: Drama, tennis, dance, soccer, bikes, arts and crafts, gymnastics and the lake were all busy as some counselors learned new sports, tried their hands (and feet) at new skills, and experienced camp activities for the first time. Our coaches also got to try out new drills with us and put us through the kinds of training the campers can expect this summer.

We had hamburgers for lunch and ice pops for Snack Squad and everyone jumped in the pool for Free Swim to cap off six periods of fun and games.

We played hard today, but we’re also ready for camp to spring to life tomorrow with the arrival of your children. The cabins are ready, the counselors are excited and Camp Green Lane can’t wait for the Summer of 2024 to start in just a few hours.

Camp was filled with the sounds of summer today.

Tomorrow, the soundtrack will grow to include lots of laughter, the sounds of camp friends reuniting after a long winter, and the sounds of new friendships and lifelong bonds being formed.

See you tomorrow!