Camp Green Lane Blog Post

, June 23, 2024

Camp is back in session!

The buses pulled into the Circle this morning to officially start the Camp Green Lane Summer of 2024.

Campers came off the bus laughing and hugging old friends, happy to be back in their summer home. With fresh haircuts and new shoes and wearing their coolest shirts for the first day of camp, they arrived with their fans and bags and sticks and caboodles.

New campers stepped off with wonder in their eyes and quickly found their counselors and cabins beneath signs with their bunk names written in magic marker. Old friends reunited and new friends were introduced for the first time.

Do you remember meeting your best friend for the first time?

From the circle, they march back to their cabins to find their beds and make themselves at home. Campers and counselors become fast friends during a traditional tour of camp, pickup basketball games and our first meal in the Dining Hall: grilled cheese and tomato soup.

After lunch, we had Free Swim for the girls and then the boys. New at the pool this year are green and white towels, which are available for all campers just like at a hotel. When they’re done, the pool towels go into a bin to be washed. These are separate from the white cabin towels, which campers will have to shower and use in the cabin.

But the highlight of the afternoon came when the Kona Ice truck pulled into the Circle and everyone in camp got a refreshing treat to make Day One a little more memorable.

This evening, we had chicken nuggets for dinner and for evening activity, the annual Counselor Talent Show is a great, entertaining way for counselors to break the ice and really introduce themselves to CGL.

Check back for highlights, and throughout the summer, remember to check all of Camp Green Lane’s social channels, including here on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

Each day you can look forward to all of Aunt Beth’s amazing photos and all the news that’s fit to print!

Camp is back!