Camp Green Lane Blog Post

, July 2, 2024

They say getting on stage in front of other people is most people’s greatest fear. Here at Camp Green Lane today, everyone in camp got up on stage and it was nothing but the biggest, brightest smiles you’ve ever seen.

Today was the Carnival Lip Sync Contest, in which every cabin in camp is paired with another. They have a few days to come up with an act, rehearse and figure out how they’re going to win. The theme this year was based on animated soundtracks, so the options were limitless.

There were plenty of Trolls and Lion Kings and a couple of memorable versions of the Lorax. There was Elsa and Olaf and Shrek, the toys from Toy Story, and a wonderful rendition of “I’ve Got a Dream” from Tangled. There were choreographed dance numbers and kick lines and human tunnels and costumes!

Some kids were painted and some wore wigs, some carried signs and one even wore head-to-toe sequins. The goofier they dressed, the crazier they danced, the wider they smiled on the GLOBE stage. We’ll find out the winning act tomorrow at breakfast, but there’s so much going on at camp in the meantime.

Tonight we’re all headed to the Iron Pigs game for our annual trip to Coca-Cola Park to watch the Phillies’ top farm team and then the fireworks show. This year’s game is also Dollar Dog Night at the park, but you can look forward to plenty of pictures of kids with ears of corn later. The roasted corn is a favorite option at the ballpark tonight, and we’re all looking forward to the game.

If that wasn’t enough, tomorrow is Carnival at camp. For some, it’s the most fun day of the summer when the Stein Dome is transformed into the Jersey Boardwalk with games and prizes, water ice and soft pretzels. There will be rides and cotton candy, and then at the end of the night, our first dance of the summer.

Tomorrow, we’ll tell you who won the Lip Sync, we’ll let you know about Carnival King and Queen and everything else going on here at camp.

Go Iron Pigs!