Camp Green Lane Blog Post

, June 27, 2023

Happy Anyday!!

It was another beautiful day here between the arches, and while the storm clouds keep threatening to rain on our parade, nothing can keep us from living our best camp lives.

One thing I love about camp is that it’s a fully sensory experience; it has its own distinct smells, sounds, sights, textures, and tastes. Some of them bump into you on a regular day in the “real world” and instantly transport you back to Camp Green Lane in the middle of summer.

Today, I spoke with a few of our Greek campers to find out what their favorite “Sounds of Green Lane” are. Here is a small selection:

The sound of a screen door swinging shut.

The sound of summer music blaring from the pool.

The sound of golf carts driving past.

The sound of chanting and pounding on tables in the dining hall.

The sound of the chains rattling on the FROLF (frisbee golf) post.

The sound of splashing in the lake.

The sound of the gaga balls bouncing off of the walls.

The sound of reveille echoing across the lawns.

The sound of the Hamotzi before every meal.

The sound of the words “BUNKO” mixed with the sound of thunder in the distance.

The sound of basketballs dribbling across the courts.

The sound of screams when canteen is announced after dinner.

The sound of birds on a quiet morning before everyone is awake.

We all have sounds that remind us of camp, and they stick with us long after our last summer. What are some of your favorite sounds that bring you right back to your summer home between the arches?