Camp Green Lane Blog Post

, June 28, 2023

Happy Oneday!

We finally made it through an entire day without rain!! (Well, a few fleeting sprinkles, but nothing big enough to adjust our schedule.) It was an absolutely gorgeous day, and our campers did everything from tennis to softball to swimming to archery. Camp officially feels like we’re getting into the swing of things, just in time to start evening field trips to the bowling alley and Freddy Hill Farms for mini golf and ice cream.

Today is a special day here at Camp Green Lane because it’s Uncle Marcus’s birthday! For those of you who don’t know, Uncle Marcus is our Athletic Director here at camp. This is also his 25th birthday he’s celebrated here at camp (which is impressive, considering he’s turning 32.) Uncle Marcus sits at our staff table in the dining hall, so we got to reap the benefits of his birthday celebrations all day long.

What does a camp birthday look like, you might ask?

Celebrating a summer birthday is kind of the best when you’re at camp. At reveille first thing in the morning, Aunt Sandy announces your birthday and bunk over the loudspeaker for everyone to hear. Your bunk makes you a big sign in arts and crafts that gets hung in the dining hall for everyone to see. Lunch is usually a pizza party in the canteen for all of your cabin mates, and then at dinner, you get called up onstage for the entire camp to sing to you. Then, an enormous double decker sheet cake gets carried out to your table for you and your bunk to share.

At home, I know so many kids who are bummed they have a summer birthday away from their friends. But camp birthdays are a day-long celebration and you’re constantly surrounded by a crew that is ready and willing to celebrate you.

We celebrate Uncle Marcus every day. He was Jesse’s best man at our wedding (yes, they met at camp) and at home, he lives about a mile away from us, close enough to come over for Eagles games and holidays. But it’s even more special to celebrate him here at camp, where you can tell he is in his happy place all birthday long.

So, Happy Birthday Uncle Marcus! We can’t wait to celebrate with you again next year!