Camp Green Lane Blog Post

, June 29, 2023

Happy Heyday everyone!

Today started with a fun adventure – our very first Survivor event of the year!

Survivor is a summer-long competition between the Divisions to determine who is crowned Division of the Year at the end of camp.

If you’re unfamiliar with our Divisions, I’m happy to explain!

Divisions are groups of cabins of campers around the same ages. Inter Boys and Inter Girls are our youngest Divisions, followed by Cadets (boys) and Debs (girls), then Senior Boys and Senior Girls, and lastly Greeks, which is a coed Division.

Each Division is associated with a specific color:

Inter Boys – Yellow

Inter Girls – Pink

Cadets – Red

Debs – Orange

Senior Boys – Blue

Senior Girls – Purple

Greeks – Black

Survivor events pop up unexpectedly throughout the summer, but you always know one is nearby when Uncle Jesse shows up to a meal wearing his Survivor headband adorned with the colors of all seven Divisions…

…So when he walked into breakfast this morning proudly sporting THE headband, the campers were quick to catch on. Everyone raced back to their cabins after breakfast to change into their Division colors. Then, just before first period, the Survivor theme song (literally the one from the tv show) began to echo through camp, and campers came pouring out of their cabins, running over the hills and down to BB2 for the first Survivor event of the summer.

Today’s challenge was called Cupside Down, where two attached paper cups in two separate Division colors were scattered across the basketball court. The goal for each Division was to have the fewest of their Division color cups standing on top, creating a mad dash to flip their own team’s cups to the bottom of the short stack.

The game consisted of six rounds, with one Division eliminated with every round. The Division with the most cups standing on top at the end of each round was eliminated.

In the end, the Senior Girls came out victorious, usurping the throne from last year’s winners, The Inter Boys (don’t worry, there is still plenty of time to bounce back and regain the title of Division Leader!)

Survivor challenges will be interspersed throughout the summer, and I’ll be sure to let you know when the next one happens! As for now, be sure to sport your purple to celebrate the Senior Girls’ victory, and continue to cheer on your favorite Division(s) from home!!