Camp Green Lane Blog Post

, June 30, 2023

Happy Sayday!

It was a beautiful day between the arches. The day started off nice and cool, but eventually warmed up in time for swimming and splashing in the lake, among plenty of other activities.

We’ve been lucky to have a guest, Adam Issadore, from Path to Rhythm at camp with us the past few days, encouraging our camp to create a brand new Camp Green Lane soundscape with drums. The sound of drum beats echoed throughout camp all day long, and campers and counselors loved creating something together as a group . It was a great way to play some music and learn some  rhythm skills, and each session ended with a conga line and a dance party to keep things active!

While it’s Sayday here at camp, it’s Friday in the real world, and that means that as a camp, we’ll be hosting Friday night services for everyone. While services here are more spiritual than religious, they allow us to gather as a camp family to reflect on the week and celebrate some important successes. Every Friday night, we acknowledge some special counselors with the prestigious Counselor of the Week (COW) award, as well as a few campers that will receive the CGL CHIPS of the week. CGL CHIPS is an acronym for Compassion Generosity Leadership Creativity Honesty Integrity Perseverance and Sportsmanship, and at every Friday service, we highlight one of these important character traits and award the CGL CHIPS to one camper in each division and one staff member who have best represented this week’s CGL CHIPS.

Services are just one way that we gather together on Fridays; we also have a cookout lunch of hot dogs and potato chips on the picnic tables, prepared by the best grillers on the upper staff (or at least they’ll argue they’re the best grillers.) Tonight, we’ll have roasted chicken for Friday night dinner, and after services, cabins will have a “Bunk Party” where canteen treats are delivered right to their cabin doors.

Fridays are a favorite day here at camp because it means we have a little extra excuse to spend the day together. I hope that tonight, you’ll also take the time to be with the people you love and reflect on all of the things that made you smile this past week.

I’ll keep you posted on our CGL CHIPS and COW winners tomorrow!