Camp Green Lane Blog Post–April 19th

, April 19, 2018

Hey campers! The countdown is officially ON! 64 days until we are back between the arches once again, surrounded by all things wonderful and familiar that we love about Camp Green Lane. We bet there are lots of things about camp that you don’t know.

Did you know that:

  • There wasn’t a pool at camp until 1956! Prior to that all swimming was done in the lake, after which you would shower in… wait for it…. LAKESIDE! The current home of our Arts & Crafts program used to be a shower house!
  • There used to be a Ferris Wheel (a small one) between the Field Office and the ping pong tables.
  • The days of the CGL week (Someday, Anyday, Oneday, Heyday, Sayday, Playday, and Funday) were created so that campers wouldn’t miss things at home that they did on certain days. Like Sunday night dinner at a certain restaurant. They also ensure that if there is inclement weather, you don’t miss an entire day of activities. You pop the Rainy day schedule into place and pick up with the regular schedule the next day!
  • The “Greek” division was given that name in 2000, with each bunk receiving a corresponding Greek letter name. Prior to that Gamma was still called Gamma (Gamma Lambda, actually, after Green Lane) but Sigma were called CITs, Alpha was called Waiters 1, and Delta was called Waiters 2.
  • There used to be 3 additional tennis courts at camp. Two where BB3 and Outdoor Hockey currently stand, and the other where the GLOBE now stands. Before the GLOBE all of our shows, services, etc… were held at the Outdoor Theater, which was between Softball 1 and Outdoor Hockey.
  • The old Outdoor Hockey rink was where the Gym currently stands.
  • You used to have to wait in line during shower hour at the Field Office to call your parents. You would call collect and pray that they were actually home. Our current scheduled phone call time is a VAST improvement!
  • There used to be a Rec Hall on Senior Boys’ Hill. Dances were held there!
  • There used to be a Junior Division below the Inters!
  • What you know as “Juice Squad” or “Snack Squad” today used to be called “Milk Squad”. Mmmmm…. milk on a hot day….
  • Steeple Chase used to start with the female captains drinking a gallon of bug juice rather than eating pudding! It ended with the male captains eating an entire pie instead of a watermelon.
  • Sing used to be held in the dining hall.

We could go on. Camp has evolved through the years; new structures, new traditions, new names for certain things. But what has remained the same are the most important: the love, the spirit, the lifelong friendships, the feeling that a Green Lane summer brings. We can’t wait to continue those with our Summer Family soon!!