Camp Green Lane Blog Post August 1st

, August 1, 2017

Can’t believe it is already day 4! This color war is flying by. Last night’s Acorn relay and rope burn were very exciting. The White team came out on top in both events. Congrats to everyone who participated! We only have 3 more envelope events to go; skits, the Amazing Race- done by our female camper captains and Steeplechase.

Today was another round of both cabin and division activities. My favorite color war sport was played today, Water Polo. I love water polo- it always gets so intense. Kids fight for the ball with all of their might and work together as a division to score. The boys killed it playing today and I can’t to see the girls play tomorrow.

Tonight during evening activities we will have our division relays. Division relays are so cool because every division in camp runs their relay at the same time. They all start and end in different places– when we say go over the loud speaker each one begins. It’s really cool to sit in the circle and watch them all happen. I like to refer to it as organized chaos. From afar it looks like every kid is just running all over camp but in the end all of the relays work out. After that we will play All Gods Children. This game requires you to find your shoes which have been thrown all over BB1, tie them and then run to the line to be counted. The first team to get a certain amount of people to the line wins. So between both the relays and All Gods Children there are a lot of points up for grabs. After that we will watch the female staff basketball game!

One great thing about this years’ color war is that the score has been very very close. We still have envelopes to open, but without them we’re pretty much in a tie between the Green and White. So keep on fighting Humor and Horror! Here is the current score.

 Green: 1,938

White: 1,949


 Yours in camping,

 Aunt Jessie