Camp Green Lane Blog Post August 1st

, August 1, 2019

Last night the campers performed their Color War skits and they were awesome! Both teams did a wonderful job, but the Green Team came out victorious!

WOW! What a week of war it has been! Today was no exception! Starting our final day of color war, we had our male staff soccer game that was won by the White Team 3-2. Following the game, everyone headed to our always competitive Tugs of War event. Each division in camp participated in a best of 3 tugs of war. The kids pulled their hearts out and had a ton of fun at the same time!  Counselors cheered their campers on and pumped up the kids until the whistle blew! The divisions went back and forth, but the White Team ended up winning two more divisions than the Green Team.

After lunch was the much anticipated Steeple Chase. Steeple Chase is one of our biggest traditions here at Green Lane. From the first day of camp, you hear both campers and counselors talking about who they think will get a chance to “eat the pudding and melon”. Campers cheer about it all summer long and today was the day we got to watch our counselor captains Maggie Stutman and Amanda Krantz eat pudding and Miles Rothman and Tyler Sklut eat watermelon!

Steeple Chase is a relay race that begins with the female captains eating a giant bowl of pudding on BB1 in front of the entire camp. The cheers are deafening as their teams cheer them on from the bleachers! Once the female captains finish, there is a relay race all throughout camp with one camper from every bunk participating in an activity.  Campers have to make a beach volleyball serve, swim the length of the pool holding a pizza tray, make a 3 point basket, make a hockey shot, make a soccer shot, make a football throw, and many more. The race finishes with the male counselor captains eating half a watermelon to determine who wins the Steeple Chase!

This was THE closest race going into the watermelon I have ever seen in my years here at camp. The last 5 legs of the race the two teams were running basically side by side. It all came down to the football throw where both teams were shooting their footballs at the same tire. Green made it in first and had about a 15 second lead going into the watermelon. Both captains did exceptional, absolutely destroying their watermelons! Both teams were supporting their captains. Miles Rothman from the Green Team took home the victory! Both teams performed incredibly well and with so much heart, they should be so proud!

Tonight is Sing and it is anyone’s war! Sing is the very last event in Color War and many past color war captains come to watch the event. It is amazing to see the traditions and generations grow. We are so excited to hear the songs both teams have been working so hard on at rally’s all week. Each team will sing a March, Razz, Alma Mater, Friendship and Memory song. Our memory song this summer is called Summer Journey and was written by our very own Senior Girls Supervisor, Aunt Rachel in 1999. Sing is always an emotional time for me. Campers sing hand in hand and you really get to see what incredible friendships and bonds have been formed over the summer. Sing is bittersweet because it symbolizes that we only have one week left here starting tomorrow. Tonight is chance for us all to reflect on the war and really soak up our time here between the arches. As much as the campers and staff love color war, everyone is excited to reunite and run into each others arms once the winner is announced!

We are looking forward to a fantastic Sing and a wonderful end to a truly wonderful week here at camp!