Camp Green Lane Blog Post August 1st

, August 1, 2016

Day three has brought some exciting developments to the war. At breakfast we handed out our first envelope to the Green Team for winning last night’s Scavenger hunt. This is the second biggest valued envelope, as it involves all of the campers on both teams. This morning was filled with cabin activities ranging from softball to hockey. Then this afternoon we had our division relays. The best way to describe the division realy is organized chaos. Every division runs a different relay all around camp at the exact same time so it is extremely important to stay organized. The white team won this event winning 5 of the 8 relays. Afterwards,  campers went to their next bunk or division activities. Walking by rallies I have noticed that teams are starting to learn their 3rd song and skit practice is underway.

Tonight we have the Female Staff Basketball game followed by the Gamma Sigma Volleyball game. Green is still in the lead but White is closing in on them only down by about 100 points. Its anyone’s war…

Yours in Camping

Aunts Jessie Levin and Jessie Hockman