Camp Green Lane Blog Post, August 2nd

, August 2, 2021

It was an incredible opening day of Color War competition!

But first, let’s go back to last night and how it all started.

We all assembled in the Dome for a Bet on It Survivor event. Just before 9 p.m., we were warned of an approaching storm, at which point we were told we’ll continue the game another time, but everyone has to go back to their cabins.

Once outside the Dome, the first of three Booms rocked the night, sending us all to BB1. Down by the lake, there was a giant fireball. The second boom! And finally, the word WAR in flames. Three!

Color War had begun!

All the campers raced to find their names on the signs their supervisors held. Green took one side of the bleachers and White took the other. The themes—Hollywood and Broadway—songwriters, captains and camper captains were all introduced.

This morning was the start of competition, beginning with the first Silent Meal at breakfast. All week, all meals in the dining hall are silent. Nobody is allowed to talk, and many campers bring notepads to meals to communicate at the table. Points are deducted from each team’s total after each meal for those caught talking!

Competition was fierce on the fields right off the bat. As you’ve seen in pictures, there’s plenty of green and white face paint, wigs and tutus out there! Color War spirit is infectious and it really is something to see the youngest campers all the way up to the counselors so invested in every activity.

Following lunch, we held a Symbol Search throughout camp with clues hidden all around, according to the themes Hollywood and Broadway. For example, there were clues hidden near the Dodgers and Yankees cabins.

The afternoon was filled with more activities, alternating swims and rallies.  Tonight, we’re excited for more cabin activities, followed by male and female staff volleyball on BB1 to close out Day 1.

See you tomorrow!