Camp Green Lane Blog Post August 2nd

, August 2, 2018

I cannot believe how time is flying. It is officially the last day of color war and I am speechless at how amazing it has been thus far. The spirit from both teams has been out of control on this last day of events. The screaming is infectious as each team tries to be louder than the other.

The morning started out with cabin activities, with boys camp reporting to the pool for water polo, and girls camp playing cabin sports (since they’ve already competed in water polo). Holiday/Regency had base running; Hyatt/Hershey played kickball; Dunes/Ritz played volleyball; Palace/Sands played soccer; Tropicana/Hilton played gaga; Claridge/Atlantis played gaga; and Gamma/Sigma played softball.

After lunch and rallies, the entire camp reported to BB1 to play All God’s Children. AGC is yet another famously popular CGL activity where staff hide campers’ shoes throughout BB1, and campers must locate their shoes, put them back on, lace ’em up, and get in a single file line before the other team. AGC is a perfect example of a wacky activity that really gets the camp going!

Immediately following All God’s Children we had the Spelling Bee. Campers were performing extremely well for a while, but eventually most participants got tripped up on M-E-R-C-E-N-A-R-Y. In the end, the White Team emerged as the spelling champions!

The main evening activity was the ever charming Campfire Skits. During Campfire Skits, both teams must perform a skit to promote their theme. Both teams did a great job, but in the end the Green Team was victorious.

This morning, we had a Camp Green Lane favorite, The Steeple Chase. The race started off close with Mia Cohen, the White Team Color War Captain winning the pudding and beating Gabrielle Pludo, the Green Team Color War Captain by seconds. From then there were camper foul shots, to the football throws, to  a swim in the pool and several campers running throughout camp, the teams were neck and neck the whole way.  In the end, Ethan Weiner killed it in the watermelon and beat Corey Blitzer for the Steeple Chase win!

Stay tuned as it’s all over tonight at the Color War Sing!